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My name is Ryan Demaree and I am an Abstract-Surrealist painter, Science/Astronomy enthusiast and gamer from Columbus, Ohio born October 28th 1991. This blog is a collection of my thoughts regarding events in my life, art, science and anything that generally crosses my mind and urges me to talk about it.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11 - 11 years later

"Trials and Tribulations of a pale blue dot" -Ryan Demaree acrylic on canvas
11 years ago today 2,996 [nearly 3000] people were killed for no other reason beyond pushing a religious/ political agenda, their deaths were were used as ammo to launch personal agendas using mass violence and terror to reach their goal.
This tragedy goes beyond "nearly 3000 people died" and "their religion is evil/ wrong and mine is right". This tragedy brings up a powerful question and powerful thoughts that the human species must think about if we ever want to get anywhere in this vast cosmos.
We are a very intelligent, accomplished and able species living on a very rare, very beautiful planet that we call "Earth" and to throw it all away for invisible tyrant deities, selfish political agendas that reward violence and greed rather than progress for the species as a whole is just not healthy for making our first baby steps in this cosmos by possibly going to Mars, building a Moon base or even discovering microscopic life on another planet [the moons of jupiter or certain areas of Mars can be good candidates for this] . Even finding traces of past life would be astonishing. But how can we fund/ focus on these grand tasks when we are squabbling around over whos blind faith in an invisible tyrant is superior, or who has the most money, or who can kill the most people in a war.
These are detriments to progress in a high technology/ Science savvy society looking to place its mark on the cosmos.
^^^This kind of stuff shouldnt be happening
^^^ Whle this kind of stuff could be happening
Recently the first man to step foot on the moon [Neil Armstrong] has passed away August 25, 2012(2012-08-25) (aged 82).
^^^We didnt send a man to the moon only to quarell over pety bronze age fables and greedy government
^^^This is not supposed to be the outcome of a species that can travel and explore its own solar system.
Homo-Sapiens are a very promising species [the best the earth has, and the only highly intelligent species that we know of so far]
We have much more to do during our endless whirl through this universe.
We didnt come down from the trees, come out of the caves, out of the huts and go into the buildings only to have them blown up for violent/ dogmatic religious/political agenda.
Science and making our presence known in the cosmos is our destiny as a species.
To find out where we come from and why we are here we need to leave behind  this archaic, barbaric ideologies and childish behavior of "my invisible god is bigger than yours" and " my people have more money than yours, so mine are better than yours".
Lets open our eyes and realize our full potential as a species and go out and create, invent, explore, fix, advance.
Lets take the next step in our journey to the stars.
"Solar Broadcast [In transition]" -Ryan Demaree oil on canvas 60 x 48 [ 1.5 in. ]