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My name is Ryan Demaree and I am an Abstract-Surrealist painter, Science/Astronomy enthusiast and gamer from Columbus, Ohio born October 28th 1991. This blog is a collection of my thoughts regarding events in my life, art, science and anything that generally crosses my mind and urges me to talk about it.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

My OCAD-U Artist statement and Portfolio

Below is my Artists statement that I used to get into OCAD-U located in Toronto, ON Canada to attend for a 4 year BFA in drawing and painting. 

"As an artist, I like to present something that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as conceptually intriguing; something that can be interesting to look at but also interesting and perhaps provocative to think about.

I am an avid stargazer, very interested in Paleolithic art, culture and evolution, as well as astronomy and philosophy in general. Within my studies of these various topics , I like to juxtapose the primitive with the surreal in an almost futuristic and other-worldly effect, in order to demonstrate my view of the world around me as I see it.

In my work I combine Surreal concepts with Abstract visuals to understand and demonstrate my own personal thoughts and knowledge involving the world around me in regards to "origins" and "destinations". I often use shapes, organisms, open doorways, apes, video cameras, outer-space and caves as recurring subjects to drive the point home. Most importantly, I use apes, doorways and video cameras to convey man as an ape-[Origins], the video camera as the idea that the world is essentially just a giant set, the doorway as a means of "Destination"- that which lies beyond the set.

I am interested in OCAD-U due to its high quality status in North American drawing and painting programs, and the fact that it is the most professional art and design school in Ontario. While attending OCAD-U, I plan on achieving a BFA in drawing and painting, as well as learning more design and arts business-related skills to further prepare me to launch into the working world.

I aim to open my opportunities and build my artistic career mostly as a Fine-artist selling paintings, but also collaborating with musicians for album artwork, studying and specializing on Paleolithic art, and working within the art gallery and museum environment. "

-Ryan Demaree



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